Message From the Chairman

Mining has been an important industry for mankind since the first mine was established in Africa 43,000 years ago. The Egyptians, the Romans and civilizations throughout the ages have used the products of mining to improve their lives and their standards of living.

We believe that mining will continue to be an important growth industry in the 21st century, and World Mining Investment (WMI) is the perfect investment platform to capitalize on that growth. With so much demand for mining products from various industries, mining companies are expanding their operations, despite the current economic climate, and are looking for investment capital to finance these expansions.

While investment capital may be drying up for some industries, savvy investors know that mining companies represent a solid investment decision. With companies located on every continent and in almost every country in the world, the prospects for continued growth and further exploration are quite high, making this an important industry for both local markets and the global economy.

Everyone at WMI is committed to finding the best possible companies for investment. We will always invest in companies with the highest prospective rate of return over the long-term as we believe this is the best way to invest in this particular industry. Long-term profits will always take priority over short-term gains.

We are excited about the years to come and look forward to partnering with some of the best mining companies in the world.

Didier J. Rault