WMI Charter

The Directors of World Mining Investments (WMI) are responsible for guiding and monitoring the company. In carrying out its responsibilities, the Board of Directors recognizes its responsibility to act honestly, diligently and with integrity in accordance with the law.

Other than Directors and the management team, WMI does not have any employees.

The Board is specifically responsible for:

  • overseeing and monitoring WMI’s investments to ensure that all laws and regulations are followed.
  • monitoring the services provided and the decisions made by the management team
  • review and ratify the integrity of WMI’s financial management and internal compliance and control systems and processes
  • review and approve the WMI’s full year and half year financial reports
  • appoint, liaise with and regularly review the effectiveness and independence of the WMI’s external auditors
  • ensure that policies and procedures for sound corporate governance are in place and followed by the management team
  • oversee communications and reporting to shareholders

Independent Professional Advice

  • The Board will undertake an annual performance review that will include consideration of the size, skills and composition of the Board in order to ensure its ongoing effectiveness.
  • The Board will also review its interaction with, and performance of the management team.