Investor FAQ's

  • What does WMI invest in?
    We are currently pursuing investments in a number of significant mining assets.
  • Who are some of WMI’s investors?
    The privacy of our investors is one of our top priorities; so all transactions are done in a professional, confidential manner.
  • Where is WMI currently pursuing investments?
    WMI is currently pursuing investments in China, Southeast Asia, and Africa.
  • What stock exchange does WMI trade on and what is its ticker symbol?
    World Mining Investment (WMI) is a privately held company so it is not listed on any stock exchange.
  • How can I obtain information about WMI’s latest financial results?
    As a privately held firm, WMI does not release its financial results to the public.
  • How do I contact Investor Relations?
    To contact Investor Relations, please email us at:
  • Where can I learn more about WMI?
    Our corporate website is at Or send your name, company name, contact information and the nature of your enquiry to: