Who We Are

Founded by Didier J. Rault in 2009, World Mining Investment Limited (WMI) identifies and invests in top mining companies throughout the world. Mining requires significant capital investment for exploration, expansion, mining and processing of the world’s precious mineral resources. WMI provides this much needed capital to companies on a global basis and with a long-term approach to the investment.

By investing in companies that mine and process the earth's mineral resources, World Mining Investment provides benefits to the company’s shareholders and to society at large as these metals and minerals are essential components for thousands of everyday products, all of which improve living standards around the world.

Our management team includes experts from the mining industry and experienced financiers who can evaluate each prospective company and can provide expert analysis of the potential returns on every investment that WMI makes.

WMI focuses on mining companies that produce the world’s major mineral resources. These include gold, platinum, copper, diamonds, iron ore, aluminium, energy products, and industrial minerals. WMI looks for companies that have large, long-term, diverse assets with significant proven and probable reserves. The companies in which WMI invests are located in Australia, North America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

In keeping with our long-term approach to investments, WMI evaluates potential investments in terms of a company’s financial health, its relationships with host countries and communities and its commitment to the health and safety of workers. WMI also values sustainable development and minimizing the environmental effects of mining on the surrounding community.