Corporate Culture

WMI promotes a corporate culture based on diligence, responsibility and accountability. This corporate culture is followed throughout the organization and is driven by value maximisation. It is part of our policies, strategies and everyday practices. We analyze and assess the risks and benefits of every investment decision that we make.

WMI believes in best practice corporate governance and maintains the highest standards of business ethics in all aspects of our business.

WMI contracts an independent accounting firm to perform annual audits to verify the integrity of the company’s financial statements and to ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Code of Conduct
WMI works to ensure that our partners and the projects in which we invest make a significant contribution to the communities where we operate. All of our projects and project partners must operate with integrity. We always want to make the right decisions and do things the right way.

The WMI Code of Conduct is the standard by which our commitment to working with integrity is measured. It gives our employees and anyone associated with our company or our projects guidance for their business activities and anything that is done on our company’s behalf.

As part of our commitment to working with integrity, we have created a workplace environment where anyone can ask a question if they are unsure of something. We also hope anyone who is interested in our company will also submit queries and concerns.
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