Investment Strategy

WMI’s goal is to maximize returns to its shareholders by finding, analyzing and investing in natural resource companies that project long-term, sustainable growth. These will include mining and exploration companies (base and precious metals, industrial minerals and bulk commodities) as well as oil, gas and geothermal energy companies. WMI believes that this can only be achieved through a consistent long-term investment approach. Although there must be a solid economic basis for investment, WMI is also to working with companies that are committed to long term sustainable development and that act in an ethical and responsible manner.

WMI focuses on large-scale mining operations that have long-term prospects for success and that are also cost effective. This long-term approach to investing is critical to our success. Each potential investment is subject to careful and meticulous analysis of the economics, the structure and the management of the company. We only invest if there is solid potential for future growth and an expectation of a reasonable rate of return.

WMI will focus on the investment merits of individual companies rather than market trends. We will also be active in our investments by identifying companies that are undervalued relative to their longer-term growth prospects.

Mining, as an industry, has tremendous potential for growth in the long-term. Investing in companies that are part of this growth industry represents a sound financial option, even in today’s difficult economic times.